Valorisation plant for stainless steel slag

Our new valorisation plant that was built in 2010 produces steel factory’s by-products into valuable products without any disposable waste.

By concentrating slag Tapojärvi is able to separate a significant amount of valuable metals and return them to the steel factory. Of what is left Tapojärvi produces first class rock material among other.


Tapojärvi's operations save both nature and money. Metals that are received after the concentrating are valuable raw materials in producing of stainless steel. Waste taxes are avoided as slag that is used in steel manufacturing does not end up as waste in waste tip since Tapojärvi processes high class rock material of it.

Need for nature's virgin raw materials are reduced significantly as the rock material Tapojärvi processes is strong and solid product for example in road building. Even burnt lime is separated from the slag which reduces the need of natural limestone in the manufacturing of stainless steel.

Tapojärvi's valorisation plant is unique in the whole world. It represents a new way of thinking when it comes to concentrating of stainless steel slag.