Luciano Pusceddu, Maintenance Manager at Tapojarvi Italy, is one of the first workers at the Terni daughter company. His career began in November 2019 and by a strange coincidence and some confusion with the start dates, his first day of work at Tapojarvi was in Oulu, Finland.

“A new, but a positive adventure,” is how Luciano describes the beginning of his work experience in a country he had never known or seen before. In Finland he also met his boss Juhani Ruokamo for the first time, with whom he says he has always had a very direct and open relationship.

“With Juhani we have always had positive and respectful discussions. Although we both use a language other than our mother tongue to communicate, there is a great dialogue between us. This made me realize from the very beginning that I would fit in well at Tapojarvi.”

The most important task of supporting colleagues

He is currently responsible for managing and organizing maintenance in Tapojarvi, particularly with regard to all vehicles and stationary installations. The days consist, for example, of scheduling work based on what is determined by the vehicle manufacturers and internal company reports. The most important job is to support his colleagues:

“We are fortunate to have a team of very competent and knowledgeable mechanics. With the right tools and good planning we are able to solve any kind of problem that occurs in our business. This is also fortunate for the company,” says Luciano.

A long career in the maintenance industry

Luciano has a long career in the maintenance industry, for which he has gained much experience and held various roles over the past 20 years. For example, he has been involved in predictive maintenance, which uses advanced tools to diagnose machinery problems before they happen. His most recent experience, saw him in charge of vehicles in a large multinational company, which counted as “a very good calling card/business card to join Tapojarvi.”

Combining Italian and Finnish experiences is a way to get the best result

Luciano got to see the evolution of Tapojarvi Italy that began in 2019, when there were only 4 employees. Currently, Tapojarvi Italia has 97 workers.

“Since then many things have changed and the company has grown. For the future, I see that the goal is to be able to combine the Italian and Finnish experiences even better. In this way, we could achieve the best result.”