Published: June 4, 2020

On June 3, 2020, Tapojärvi Oy and Avesco Oy entered into an agreement to supply Caterpillar mining machines to Tapojärvi. Tapojärvi will start providing mining services at the Yara Finland mine in Siilinjärvi on the 1st of January 2022. In the new, alliance-type operating model, the mine owner Yara and Tapojärvi, which provides mining services, will develop, plan and manage daily operations in close cooperation.

According to the agreement, Avesco will supply Tapojärvi with loading machines, stone trucks, bulldozers and graders for mining operations. Avesco will assemble the machines during 2021 at the Siilinjärvi mine. In addition to machine deliveries, the agreement covers operation and maintenance training of the machine fleet, as well as spare parts and technical support.

– The acquisition of the machines is a big investment and shows our commitment to long-term operations with the partner of the alliance, at the heart of which is continuous improvement. The acquisition of the new Caterpillars best serves the mining operations in Siilinjärvi, says Martti Kaikkonen, chief operating officer of Tapojärvi Oy.

The agreement with Tapojärvi is very important for Avesco and Caterpillar.

Siilinjärvi mine is a significant customer for Caterpillar mining machines in Finland, in the Nordic countries and in an european scale as well. Caterpillar machines have a long history at the Siilinjärvi mine and the new agreement with Tapojärvi guarantees continuity of operations for the next decade.

– Caterpillar has a long tradition as a brand in Finland, but for Avesco Oy, as the new Finnish Caterpillar representative, this project is an excellent opportunity to offer the best customer value-added total service in the Finnish mining machinery market. We are very grateful for this trust shown by Tapojärvi’s equipment purchase agreement for Avesco Caterpillar, continues Teemu Raitis, CEO of Avesco Oy.

Avesco Oy is part of the Swiss Avesco Group. Avesco has been cooperating with Caterpillar since 1931, when it began as a representative in Switzerland. In 2016, Avesco’s Caterpillar representation expanded to the Baltic countries and from the beginning of 2020 to Finland.

The Caterpillar businesses in the Baltics and Finland were acquired by Avesco from Wihuri’s technical business. In Finland, Wihuri Witraktor has been representing Caterpillar since 1947.

In Finland, Avesco employs 240 people, most of whom have long experience in the sale and maintenance of Caterpillar machines and engines.

Avesco builds its business in Finland on strong traditions while developing its activity on the basis of Avesco’s vision, values, processes and operating models, which where succesful for Caterpillar products in Switzerland and the Baltics.

Tapojärvi Oy is a specialist in mining and factory services, a pioneer in circular economy. The company has decades of experience in providing mining services safely, of high quality and profitably. Tapojärvi currently operates as an integral part of production in several mines. The company carries out continuous development and research work to develop the mining and industrial sector. Tapojärvi has 600 employees.

Yara is a global supplier of fertilizers, industrial chemicals and environmental products. In Finland, Yara has three production plants, one of which is in Siilinjärvi, where the only phosphate mine in Western Europe also operates. Yara Siilinjärvi’s main products are fertilizers and phosphoric acid. The mine produces the world’s purest phosphate, from which phosphorus is extracted as a raw material for fertilizers.