Published: April 7, 2022

“A strong performer is an operator that sticks to its word. Acts according to what is agreed. Stands out as the sparring partner for the client’s activities, and takes into account the specific characteristics and infrastructure functioning of the mining industry.” Agnico Eagle

“They always do precisely what they promise to do. A firm operator that also reacts quickly to any deviations. They have everything in place, and Tapojärvi provides us with extra value.” SSAB

A partner who is good at developing solutions. Focuses on safety and is flexible. Best possible partner.” LKAB

“A strong, multi-skilled expert that stands out in the market. Tapojärvi is a good service provider for us. Their strength also lies in a bold approach to a variety of issues and a firm undertaking to bring competitive, cost-effective solutions to our attention.” Outokumpu

“Tapojärvi is a pragmatic partner that is open to discussion and helps us find solutions to our problems. They listen to our needs and requests. They make suggestions on how to improve our performance so that we can achieve the goals we want through cooperation. Cooperation works very well.” Acciai Speciali Terni

“A proactive enterprise. The staff are skilled and motivated, and they definitely never under-perform.” Boliden

“An enthusiastic and growing player in the industry. Tapojärvi has the competence to perform the job, while continuing to innovate. A company that brings fresh impetus and open-minded solutions to the earth-moving and mining industries. Delivers extra value for itself and for its customers.”  Yara

“Tapojärvi has obtained experience and knowledge of underground mining activities over a longer period of time. It is their primary strength. Operational activities are straightforward in general. In practice, the operational activities of mining and working are fluent and they are certainly competent in what they do.” Sotkamo Silver

“They are constantly developing new things and investing a lot into them. Renewable energy is in use and therefore new activities are conducted. This is the future. It is very positive.” Terrafame

(These quotes were not provided by only one person, rather comments have been gathered from respondents from the same company)

This is how Tapojärvi was described by customers in the customer satisfaction survey conducted in November 2021, describing the strengths and partnerships of Tapojärvi. The customer satisfaction survey was conducted online and using telephone interviews. The survey was completed by all current customers of Tapojärvi.

“The net promoter score was at an excellent level of 56. It is gratifying that 59% of customers prefer cooperation with Tapojärvi than with other similar partners. It was also great to hear customers’ wishes and development ideas that would improve cooperation even further”, says Henri Pilventö, the Chief Commercial Officer of Tapojärvi.

The most development customers wanted to see was in communication and increased added value for customers.

“We need to be able to further improve customer loyalty by helping customers achieve their own business goals, such as improving productivity and resource utilisation, reducing noise pollution, reducing waste, and enhancing sustainable development”, declares Pilventö.

Setting targets and reporting targets, for example, on a daily basis, as well as closer cooperation with local actors, and with management, were also desired development issues.

“Although we have developed a good customer experience in our safety work, there is always room for improvement.”

Compared to the customer satisfaction survey conducted three years ago, Tapojärvi has improved the overall customer experience, scoring an average of 3.9, compared to 3.6 for the earlier survey.