SSAB Raahe

The SSAB factory in Raahe produces so-called standard, premium and special steels. The main products are hot-rolled plates and coil products. The factory has a coking plant, two blast furnaces, steel melting shop, power plant and a hot rolling plant. The area also includes processing facilities for raw and other materials, as well as a cargo port. The factory has around 2,400 permanent employees.

Tapojärvi has been a subcontractor of Rautaruukki since 1973. The cooperation started at the Rautuvaara mine in Kolari.
Tapojärvi Oy has been responsible for various factory services at the Raahe steelworks since 1992.

“The strengths of Tapojärvi include initiative, the ability to solve problems and reliability.” SSAB

Our services in Raahe:

  • Processing of recycled steel SSAB Merox
  • Raw material feeding and screening of blast furnaces, lime kiln and briquetting station
  • Processing coal for the coking plant
  • Processing PCI coal

Outokumpu, Tornio steelworks and Kemi mine

Outokumpu is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel. Outokumpu manufactures stainless steel at its production plants in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, the United States and Mexico.
Outokumpu employs around 10,000 professionals in over 30 countries, of which around 2,400 are in Finland. Outokumpu has a stainless steel mill in Tornio and a chrome mine in Elijärvi, Kemi.

Outokumpu has been a customer of Tapojärvi Oy since 1985 at the Kemi mine and at the Tornio steelworks since 1988 . Over the decades, we have developed our services according to the wishes and needs of the customer.

“Tapojärvi has plenty of versatile equipment and skilled personnel.” Outokumpu

Our services at the Tornio steelworks:

  • Refined steel slag valorisation
  • Ferrochrome slag valorisation
  • Crushing and grinding unit for refractory bricks
  • Production unit for refractory masses
  • Primary crushing
  • Secondary crushing
  • Autogenous crushing
  • Mobile screening units
  • Loading and transportation of Okto products
  • Transportation of recycled steel and bulk


Our services at the Kemi mine:

  • Underground loading and transportation of production ore and gangue
  • Filling of quarries
  • Maintenance of underground roads
  • Scaling work
  • Mounting of equipment and infrastructure maintenance
  • Tunnel quarrying and support work

Agnico Eagle Finland Oy, Kittilä mine

Agnico Eagle Finland Oy is a subsidiary of the Canadian gold producer Agnico Eagle Mines Limited. It owns the Kittilä mine and is actively engaged in prospecting for ore in Finland and other Nordic countries.
The Kittilä mine is the largest gold mine in Europe, with an annual production of about 6,000 kilos of gold. The mine employs around 500 people, and 400–500 people are employed by contractors.
Tapojärvi has been involved in the production of the Kittilä mine since 2008 as a provider of various mining services.

“Tapojärvi is a fast and flexible partner.” Agnico Eagle Finland Oy

Our services at the Kittilä mine in 2008–2017, 2021->

  • Underground loading and transportation of ore and gangue
  • Maintenance of underground roads
  • Scaling work
  • Feeding of the valorisation plant
  • Mounting equipment
  • Stripping
  • Dam building
  • Tunnel driving and support work
  • Mounting of equipment and infrastructure maintenance


LKAB is an international mining company whose main business is iron ore mining in Kiruna and Malmberget iron deposits. LKAB’s turnover in 2018 was more than SEK 25 billion. The company employs over 4,100 people.

Tapojärvi carries out excavation for LKAB in Gällivare at the Malmberget mine until 2023 (+2 option years).

Boliden, Kylylahti and Kevitsa mines

Boliden is a Swedish metal company specialised in ore prospecting, mining production, smelting operations and the reuse of metals.
Boliden’s main products are zinc and copper and it also produces gold, silver, lead and nickel.
Boliden has an 800-metre-deep underground mine in Kylylahti, Polvijärvi. 140 people work at the mine.
In 2017, the valorisation plant in Luikonlahti dressed approximately 809,000 tonnes of ore to copper, gold, zinc and nickel-cobalt.
Tapojärvi Oy has operated as an integral part of the production at Boliden’s Kylylahti mine since 2011. In 2020 Tapojärvi also began contracting at the Boliden Kevitsa mine.

“Is able to deliver what is promised.” Boliden

Our services in Kylylahti:

  • Underground loading and transport for quarries and drifts
  • Filling of quarries
  • Maintenance of underground roads
  • Scaling work
  • Crushing of ore quarry material underground and above ground

Our services at the Kevitsa mine:

  • Loading and transport work

Endomines, Pampalo gold mine

The Pampalo gold mine is located in Hattuvaara, Ilomantsi on the so-called Karelian Gold Line, a 40-kilometre long area containing gold.
The Pampalo mine is owned by Endomines Oy, a subsidiary of the Swedish company Endomines AB.
Around 270,000 tonnes of ore is mined from the Pampalo mine every year.

Our services in Pampalo in 2015–2017:

  • Production drilling
  • Handling of ore
  • Driftage
  • Mounting equipment
  • Road maintenance

Sotkamo Silver Oy

Sotkamo Silver AB’s business concept is to exploit mineral deposits in the Nordic countries while taking into account the requirements set by society and the environment.

Sotkamo Silver owns ore deposits containing silver and gold in Finland and deposits containing zinc and gold in Norway.

The company’s main development project is the silver mine project in Sotkamo.

Our services in Sotkamo:

  • Quarrying and support work
  • Loading and transport work
  • Crushing
  • Road maintenance and mounting equipment