Published: October 16, 2019

The role of an operator is important for the success of Tapojärvi. A safe, efficient, economical and productive driving style is key.

Tapojärvi organised a driving skills competition using three different vehicles for its employees, assessing driver accuracy, speed and safety. 68 competitors enrolled in the competition. 

The truck race was won by Aki Posti, who works at the Kemi mine at our Elijärvi location. Victory in the wheel loader race went to Janne Tikkala, who works at our Sotkamo Silver mine location, and the winner of the excavator division was Vesa Suni, who works at our SSAB Raahe location.

The winning trio were awarded a prize trip to the Caterpillar training centre in Malaga, Spain. 


Truck, 21 competitors:

  1. Aki Posti, 0:41
  2. Roni Forsström, 0:44 
  3. Mikko Orajärvi, 0:45

Wheel loader, 27 competitors:

  1. Janne Tikkala, 1:06 
  2. Jari Tikkala, 1:08 
  3. Mikko Jokelainen, 1:17 

Excavator, 20 competitors:

  1. Vesa Suni, 1:09 
  2. Mikko Jokelainen 1:54
  3. Jari Tikkala, 2:20