Published: July 1, 2022

Arvedi-Ast and Tapojarvi carry out a project that is of particular relevance for the city of Terni, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact.

The regional offices, in agreement with the Municipality of Terni and Arpa Umbria, have requested further additions  to achieve the End of Waste.

Today another important step forward has been made, the project of recovery of waste deriving from the production of stainless steel is unprecedented in Italy, so both the companies Arvedi- Acciai Speciali Terni and Tapojarvi together agree in responding promptly to the integrations requested by the Bodies during the Conference of Services.

“Cooperation is essential to this important project and today’s Services Conference has shown that our goals are being achieved step by step. Tapojarvi is grateful for the trust and collaboration of Arvedi-AST” says the CEO of Tapojarvi Italia, Martti Kaikkonen.

In order to start the marketing of slag-based products and, therefore, reduce the quantities of slag sent to landfill, it will be essential to obtain the EOW and complete the process with the CE certification of the products.

To this end, a new Services Conference has been called for 14 July, to obtain the End of Waste.

Tapojarvi has prepared a consolidated process for the achievement of product certifications from steel slag, the End of Waste, Reach registration, CE mark, in addition to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system certifications on which all the team is working at full capacity.

Tapojarvi has a  ten-year know-how on slag-based products and is pleased to make it available to the territory. Starting from January 2023 it will be able to market the first products as scheduled.

Arvedi-Ast and Tapojarvi are ready to work tenaciously on the demands of the Region, certain that it is in everyone’s interest to operate in respect of Quality and the Environment to carry out a dynamic project with innovative products to be launched on the market that can improve environmental sustainability.