Published: October 16, 2019

Tapojärvi Oy’s annual Cooper tests were conducted in Sea Lapland in September. Around 25% of employees take the fitness test every year. Participation in the test is voluntary. 

Participants are rewarded annually based on the Cooper test fitness level assessment table. In addition, those employees who have shown the most improvement are rewarded separately. 

“Good physical fitness helps employees cope at work, which is why we want to encourage employees to exercise using voluntary exercise bonuses like the Cooper test. Healthy personnel are a prerequisite for safe work”, says acting CEO Mari Pilventö.

Tapojärvi also offers other employer-sponsored sports benefits to its employees. 

Target: 1,700 metres

Emilia Päivärinta, who works as a dumper operator, participated in the Cooper test for the first time in five years. 

Päiväniemi’s sports activities have varied between cycling, skiing, canoeing and swimming. In recent years, everything except swimming has fallen by the wayside, so she didn’t expect the test to be easy. 

After the run, Emilia Päiväniemi is all smiles. The target was reached and even exceeded; the distance covered was just over 1,750 metres.

“I think I will see how far I can go in 12 minutes in the swimming pool.”