Markku Palovaara and Maria Mäntylä have been working together for several years. Maria works as an environmental engineer at Hannukainen Mining Oy, a subsidiary of Tapojärvi Oy, and Markku works as a project worker in Tapojärvi. Both have enjoyed their work better than well. 

At the moment, Maria’s job description includes a lot of environmental permits.

“We work together with a consultant. In addition, I have responsibility for the quality of our project. I also make development projects for Tapojärvi Oy,” Maria says.

Markku’s job description as a project worker is very diverse.

“As a rule, I do a bit like everything – I help manage documents quite a lot, and I have also updated process diagrams, for example. At the moment, I find that Italian project truly inspiring. In a way, the table is empty and new is being drawn. It’s very interesting, Markku sums it up.


Versatile tasks and influences make the work interesting

Maria originally started her career in Tapojärvi from the Outokumpu factory in Tornio. She worked as a production assistant, took care of production in books, held up tons of bike machine drivers and took care of running erred.

“At first, when you came to work, I gave you assignments. You were able to measure groundwater surfaces. We also beat rocks and did sample processing. Now we’re going to make process diagrams,” says Maria, smiling at Markku.

“What is really important to me in my work is that I really get to influence the fact that what kind of mine we are setting up. We want to do environmental issues well and also include circular economy,” Maria emphasises.


The work community is like a big family

Both Maria and Markku enjoy their work well.

“I feel that I am part of this family of Tapojärvi Oy. It feels like you’re doing to your own family, so you want to do everything well,” Maria describes.

Marku’s work currently shows very strong internationality. He cooperates a lot with French, German, Spanish and especially Italian partners.

“At least I’ve enjoyed myself really well. Sometimes there’s a message from home that you could come out of here someday,” Markku grins.

“I can’t imagine a better employer”