Anssi Rytkönen started at Tapojärvi as an operator at the Tornio valorization plant. From there, he eventually progressed through his own interests and continuous learning to his current position as head of mining operations. It is continuous learning that is very important to Anssi in his work. 

Tapojärvi Oy is a strongly growing company whose business is broadly divided into two industries – factory services and mining contracting.

“At the moment, I am the head of mining operations. I’m responsible for the five mining sites of our company  at this moment. One of the sites is in Sweden and the other four are here in Finland,” Anssi says.

“I was received very well”

Anssi has worked in Tapojärvi in total for 14 years. He applied for this job in the past when he was still a student.

“I hadn’t graduated yet when I became an operator at the Tornio valorization plant. At the same time, I learned to drive machines a little bit. Then, in 2007, at that Kemi mine, we started a loading and transport project that I went to as a foreman,” Anssi recalls.

“I was very well received then. I got interesting assignments and most importantly, I was able to learn new things all the time,” Anssi recalls.

Interesting projects and continuous learning

At the moment, Anssi’s typical working day includes a lot of office work, visiting mines and bidding. Comparatively, the amount of physical work in the mines in general has decreased, as machines are able to do most of the work thanks to automation, some even remotely. On the other hand, mobility between different sites has increased.

“I think that people on our books are characterised by a strong commitment to their work. Everybody’s working hard and trying to do the best they can. With that, the company can continue to grow and thrive. I personally feel that in Tapojärvi I have been given quite commendable opportunities to move forward and be involved in interesting projects,” Anssi says.

“I would like to see more people in this house who have the enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things and develop in their own work. “Yes, I have learned so many things that you cannot get from any education or buy with money”