Gianpaolo Bianchi was hired at the steel mill as a driver and has been driving trucks and lorries for most of his career.He is currently involved in the transportation of stainless steel slag and metal recovery :

“I used to transport mostly metals, and over the years I have gained a broad knowledge of different types of materials, such as steel. Now in Tapojarvi I transport stainless steel slag and metal recovered from the metal enrichment plant, New Metal Recovery.”

In 27 years, the world inside the steel mill has changed a lot

Gianpaolo has seen not only Tapojarvi grow but also the steel mill, AST. When he joined the steel mill in 1995, for example, the processing and machinery were very different. The level of production was lower and there was much less attention to the environment. Fortunately, over time, there has been a greater awareness of environmental sustainability. I would eliminate, it’s an interview.

One radical change that Gianpaolo believes has mainly influenced the work of a driver in a steel mill is the arrival of kress, special vehicles used to transport liquid slag. Before kress, slag was transported by trucks and trains. In fact, the Terni steel mill was one of the first, if not the first steel mill in Italy to use kress to transport slag.

We have every interest in Tapojarvi going forward successfully

Slag transport is a demanding job and requires a lot of attention. A lot of weight is carried by trucks and the pace of work is fast. Gianpaolo believes that Tapojarvi workers are very involved in what they do:

“I think I can say, without being contradicted by anyone, that the workers I see working in our Company on a daily basis have always tried, within the limits of their possibilities, and even more, to show that they are good people,” he continues:

“From an employee’s point of view it can be said that it is important for us to have a job, but the future of Tapojarvi is equally important and we have every interest in the Company moving forward successfully.”

A nice thought from the company

One unexpected thing, which Gianpaolo really appreciated, was the gift of 1,000 euros credited to his salary by Tapojarvi for his 60th birthday.

“It was a great initiative on the part of the employer, not so much for the money but for the thought. Let’s say that when a company cares about its employees, surely they are more helpful to the company as well.”