Floriana Marafioti, Laboratory Manager and Product Development Technician at Terni Italia, entered the world of Tapojarvi directly from the University of Rome Tor Vergata where she worked in the Sanitary and Environmental Engineering laboratory. At the university, she was involved in assessing the environmental behaviour of products resulting from the treatment of waste incineration slag for reuse, through leaching tests, data processing and risk analysis.

At the same time, Tapojarvi was looking for a person with knowledge in the field of waste recovery but who also had laboratory experience.

“In my case, it was Tapojarvi who found me. I was still at university and through the various conferences attended by universities and companies, our paths crossed. It was my interest in the circular economy, the reuse of materials and the preservation of natural resources that led me to choose a company like Tapojarvi.”

Days between the office and the laboratory

Right from the start, Floriana took on an important role in the company. In the position of Lab Manager and Product Development Technician, she spends her days between the office and the laboratory:

“In the laboratory, we perform analyses on the material coming out of Metal Recovery. For instance, we calculate moisture, density and metal content in material streams such as slag. In the office, on the other hand, I attend meetings, prepare documents, and am constantly in contact with the organisations and companies we work with to achieve the common goal of marking and selling our products.”

Dreams realised at Tapojarvi

In addition to her work in the laboratory, Floriana assists the sales and product development manager in drawing up mandatory documents to obtain authorisations for the sale of products made from stainless steel production slag.

In fact, thanks to the valuable work of Floriana and her colleagues, Tapojarvi Italia obtained End of Waste status for slag during the July 2022 Services Conference. Obtaining the EoW required extensive documentation to be provided to the Region of Umbria and ARPA, on the basis of which the bodies authorised the required changes to the AIA (environmental permit), allowing the waste recovery activity to begin. This milestone marked Floriana’s career at Tapojarvi:

“When I was at university and the Services Conference was mentioned in the study of some subjects, I never thought I would take part in it. But then I participated, we achieved our goal and I felt fulfilled.”

iti a raggiungere il nostro obiettivo e mi sono sentita realizzata.”