Published: July 13, 2022

Jarmo Vuontisjärvi works at Tapojärvi as Minor Procurement Coordinator at the Keminmaa Central Workshop. He came to Tapojärvi thirteen years ago and has held a variety of jobs.

His career at Tapojärvi began in 2009 as a machine and transport supervisor in Tornio. At that time, a refined steel concentrator was being built in Röyttä, Tornio and when it started up, Jarmo moved there as a supervisor. Later, Jarmo returned to the machines. “We have started from small things: when I look back to the times in Röyttä, there were only two of us in the supervisor’s position. And it was nice to see a big leap forward when the refinery started. Then a lot of people came in and we got off to a great start. It’s amazing to be a part of this kind of growth story,” Jarmo says.

In 2018, Jarmo left for the Kittilä mine. However, at the beginning of his work, Jarmo was diagnosed with asthmatic sensitivity, which prevented him from working underground. He switched to his current job: Minor Procurement Coordinator. “Fortunately, I was able to move on to other position in-house. And it was a natural transition, as I’m trained for the job.” Jarmo has a degree in Business Administration and is oriented towards International Business.

What does Tapojärvi mean to Jarmo?

“It’s a stable house and I’ve noticed that the company is like a family. Community and togetherness are a part of Tapojärvi.”

Jarmo says that Tapojärvi has great opportunities to switch between jobs. “We have had installers from this hall in Italy on several occasions.” Jarmo says that he has also been offered the opportunity to go to Italy and he dreams of working there one day. “But now I can’t be away from my daughter for a long time. So maybe later.”

The best part of Jarmo’s job is that he gets to plan his own work himself. “Of course, there are certain things you must do every day, but sometimes you end up being a driver and all sorts of different tasks. It’s all up to you, there is a variety of things you can do here. You can even put on your overalls and go out and repair something if you feel like it.”

Name: Jarmo Vuontisjärvi

Age: 45

Job title: Minor Procurement Coordinator

What he did before coming to Tapojärvi: Worked in the retail sector

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business

Family members: Two-year-old girl and two dogs

Hobbies: Snowmobiling and moose hunting

Motto: Sånt är livet