The shelter place of the Kemi mine in Tapojärvi is located 350 metres underground. Ari Fritsch and Juhani Kemilä both work in mining maintenance at the mine, Ari as a supervisor and Juhani as foreman. 

In practice, excavation maintenance is responsible for the maintenance, maintenance and repair of excavation machinery – the fact that the machinery rotates and operates.

“In practice, we plan, organize and supervise,” Juhani sums up.

“Sometimes you have to mess up some overalls,” Ari continues.

“Ari is so competent, he’s a little more involved in those renovations, whereas I’m a little less,” Juhani grins.


Tapojärvi offers opportunities for continuous training

Tapojärvi has a relatively extensive maintenance organisation. According to Juhani, very few companies in the industry have their own servicemen. Tapojärvi has its own facilities underground in the Kemi mine, especially for maintenance purposes, so that the maintenance can be carried out on its own.

“The biggest difference from working on the surface is that there is always a uniform climate here. The weather is the same for summer winters,” Juhani laughs.

Today’s excavation machines include a lot of new technology, automation and, for example, fairway technology. All this also creates a large number of opportunities. There will certainly be a lot of need for experts in the field in the future. Ari and Juhani both believe that Tapojärvi has clearly invested in training employees and maintaining their skills.

“We have been trained and training is also continuously arranged, for example, on the hydraulic and electrical side,” Juhani says.


“The atmosphere is good”

Juhani and Ari work closely together. Both have enjoyed themselves very well in Tapojärvi, according to their own words. They think the team is very good – you can get help whenever you need it.

“I have enjoyed myself, and at least I consider it very important to enjoy working nowadays. If you don’t like working, it’s not going to work. The work is varied, the colleagues are good, except for that Kemilä, Ari says, grins at Juhani and continues:

“The atmosphere is good” It hasn’t been a little tedith to come to work.

“Everyone sometimes has bad days, but in principle it has always been nice to come to work. I’ve made good friends with a lot of coworkers with whom we do things together in our free time. Arink and I call even if we work for different weeks, i.e. one at work and the other off duty. We talk about much more than just work,” Juhani says.


You learn a lot of new things at work

In addition to a good working group and the variability of work, Ari and Juhani especially appreciate the fact that they learn new things at work.

“It’s good to grow up here”, Juhani says.

“You also learn a lot of new things,” Ari says.

“Ari hasn’t grown any lengths,” Juhani grins with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes, I hasn’t grown for a while,” Ari laughs.