Our work is important

More than 800 people are already working at Tapojärvi in thirteen locations across three countries, and we all share the common goal: We want to serve mills and mines while simultaneously reducing the burden on the climate and saving nature’s virgin materials.

Tapojärvi is a workplace for professionals in our industry, and we work as one team. We value a can-do attitude, high motivation and the desire to learn and improve oneself. We rely on the expertise of our employees, and we are committed to continuous development. We encourage our personnel to learn new skills and expand their expertise.

Our recruitment needs are versatile and change rapidly. If you did not find a job that matches your skills or interests on this page, you can also submit an open application either online or by calling our personnel administration.

“It is part of the spirit of Tapojärvi that things are always done a little bit better, the operations are developed in an innovative way and customers are listened to. A big factor behind our success and an enabler of growth is our will to find new solutions and to be the vanguard of development,” says Janne Alatalo, Chief Administrative Officer at Tapojärvi.

Further information:
Liisa Tuorila
HR Generalist
tel. +358 40 7219 180

Pia Ruokamo
HR Coordinator
tel.+358 50 4850 410

Pertti Vartio
Resource Manager, Mining Activities
tel. +358 40 4865 760