What do the employees of Tapojärvi think about their workplace?

Our employees will tell you themselves – watch the videos and read the interviews!

You can hear the story of a rock truck driver, a maintenance supervisor and a project engineer, among others. Anssi Rytkönen explains his path from a Tapojärvi employee to the head of the business unit of mining services.

“I cannot imagine a better employer”

-Maria Mäntylä ja Markku Palovaara – read the interview!

“I am a happy rock truck driver”

-Kari Kenttälä – read the interview!

“A good place for me to grow”

-Ari Fritsch ja Juhani Kemilä – read the interview!

“I’ve learned a lot at work that no education could teach me or that could be bought with money”

-Anssi Rytkönen – read the interview!