It is great to be a Tapojärvi employee!

“At Tapojärvi, equality means that we assess people by their actions. What matters is how an employee performs their work and treats others,” says Mari Pilventö, Acting CEO

At Tapojärvi, social responsibility means responsibility for our own personnel, safety, expertise and equality, for example. We respect human values and treat everyone with respect. We have intentionally removed unnecessary intermediate levels and any unequalising structures.

In our family business, everyone is treated equally and every employee can take responsibility for their duties and influence their work. Tapojärvi encourages its personnel to get trained, innovate and develop themselves and their work community as well as the way the company does business.

How the employees assessed their employer in the latest employee satisfaction survey:

“Good work-life balance. The cycle of one week of work and one week of free time makes this possible.”

“Our team spirit impacts the work performance directly. Everyone does their part. Nobody slacks off. We relax during the weeks off. The ‘week-week’ work cycle works, ensuring a good work-life balance.”

“Nice colleagues make sharing the workload easier. The team spirit has improved significantly and staff turnover has been reduced to the minimum.”

“We have always found a solution to problems by working together.”

“The employees are relaxed. People perform well when they can be themselves.”

“The company is pro-development and invests in research and new innovations.”

“We have a professional work community with room to grow. You can always ask questions and bring forward your thoughts.”

“I’ve been given the opportunity to develop a more efficient work process.”

“Diversity is seen as enriching and it is accepted.”

“I can be myself at work, which I appreciate a lot.”

Things that employees wished to see developed:

  • communication
  • induction training
  • feedback

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS): 30

Response rate: 61%, 396 respondents


  • Average age: 38 years
  • 6% women, 94% men
  • 89% in permanent employment
  • Employment relationships lasting more than 10 years: 16%. Average duration of employment: 4 years and 10 months.
  • Sickness absence percentage: 2.7%
  • 84% of Tapojärvi Oy employees live in Northern Finland

Safe workplace
Monitoring of occupational safety and intervention in issues are a part of every employee’s daily duties. We take care of each other and are rewarded for successes.

Good insurance
In the event of an accident, you will not be left on your own. Tapojärvi has taken out statutory accident insurance, leisure time accident insurance and working capacity insurance as an additional benefit for its full-time employees.

Exercise and healthy living
Tapojärvi supports its employees being physically active by covering part of the costs of their hobbies. We also take the cooper test every year and are rewarded for it.

Anniversaries and other celebrations
We always have cake when there is a cause for celebration! Tapojärvi companies have common rules and guidelines for celebrating employees.

Doing things together
Tapojärvi strives to organise various events for employees and their families every year.

High-quality living
Tapojärvi makes sure that travelling employees live comfortably.

“One employee said that there is no other company that would build a modern terraced house with a sauna and gym for its employees.” Eveliina Rousu, Project Engineer


An award-winning company – in many ways

“Hunger is an entrepreneur’s best consultant and employees their closest friends and family members. The responsibility of the entrepreneur is to find their employees a job. That is where growth starts,” says Esko Tapojärvi.

National Entrepreneur Award, 2019
Tapojärvi received the National Entrepreneur Award in autumn 2019. The winners of the award were selected by a committee consisting of representatives from Suomen Yrittäjät, the Association for Finnish Work, the Yksityisyrittäjäin Säätiö foundation and Fennia.

Global Slag Innovator of the Year Award, 2019
Tapojärvi Oy received an international innovation award at the Global Slag Conference in Germany. The award was granted for research on slag-based geopolymer. In addition to developing the utilisation of steel industry side streams, the research and development unit of Tapojärvi focuses on increasing the material efficiency and recycling rate of electrical and electronic waste as well as the paper and mining industries. The development team is tasked with creating new products and services, considering sustainable and efficient approaches as well as responding to the development needs of customers.

Global Slag Company of the Year Award, 2010
Our company was recognised as the world’s best slag treatment company in Australia in 2010.

Koo Cup Championship, 2020
Almost every year, an informal ice hockey tournament is organised between companies operating in the mining sector. In January 2020, Tapojärvi hosted the tournament. We took full advantage of playing on home ice, and the result was the Koo Cup Championship. The Tapojärvi team consisted of hockey-loving employees from different offices.

Geo-floorball tournament, 2019
A joint floorball team from Hannukainen Mining and Tapojärvi participated in a geo-floorball tournament in Sodankylä. Six teams played in the match, and there were nearly 80 players. In 2022, Tapojärvi came third in the tournament.