Published: January 27, 2023

The average result has improved by over 200 metres

One of Tapojärvi Group’s most eagerly-awaited events is its annual Cooper test.

In 2022, 277 employees took part in the test, which accounts for one third of the entire staff. The voluntary fitness test was taken by 143 new participants in 2022. 

Each year participants are rewarded with a sports bonus of 100–400 euros based on the Cooper test fitness level assessment table. Those who show the most improvement are also rewarded annually.
In 2022, 69,400 euros were paid in sports bonuses, which is 11,500 euros more than the previous year. The participants ran a total of 602.10 kilometres.

‘Compared to the average result of 2018, the distance has clearly increased. The results are improving, which is wonderful,’ says Mari Pilventö, acting CEO of Tapojärvi.

With the Cooper test, Tapojärvi aims to encourage employees to be physically active and take care of their fitness. 

‘Promoting health and well-being at work is our shared goal. Good physical fitness helps employees cope at work,’ Pilventö says.

Tapojärvi also supports well-being at work with Smartum’s sports and massage benefits. Workers employed directly by Tapojärvi also belong to a Tapojärvi Sport Club. Sport Club activities are organised locally at each Tapojärvi unit under the guidance of Production Managers.  The Sport Clubs arrange various sports activities and take care of related reporting.

‘The Sport Club also pays participation fees on behalf of the employees to certain sports events, such as skiing events or marathons. Weekly training sessions in team sports, such as floorball and ice hockey, are also organised.

In addition to the Cooper test, Tapojärvi has an annual sports challenge in which employees record their activities in kilometres or hours. Various prizes and a gift card of €100 are drawn among the participants. The most active participant is also rewarded.

Our target for 2022 was not achieved. The goal was set to 45,000 kilometres or 5,000 hours, but the result fell below the target. A total of 40,175.25 kilometres and 3,870 hours were recorded. The most popular sports were cycling, cross-country skiing, walking and running.

TAPOJÄRVI COOPER2022202120192018
Participants in total:277246199147
Kilometres in total:602.01527.95432283
Average distance in metres:2,173.322,146.132,1721,947
Average age:37.8239.2336.3331.13
Prizes €69,40057,90048,20030,700
New participants143 12166