Commitment to responsibility is a central part of our daily operations

Tapojärvi bears social, environmental and financial responsibility in line with the company’s values and principles. Our commitment to responsibility and sustainability is a central part of the company’s daily operations.

Environment, people and economy are taken into account in all decision-making and daily operations. Tapojärvi’s operations are guided by the company’s strategy and values, local legislation in the company’s countries of operation, and general recommendations.

We comply with our human rights principles, anti-corruption policy, personnel, administrative, safety, quality and environmental policy, principles of responsibility, and ethical guidelines.

Every Tapojärvi employee is expected to follow the principles of sustainable development. Responsibility and sustainability are managed as part of our business operations.

At Tapojärvi, the principles of responsibility and sustainability apply to the entire value chain: safe working conditions, responsible supply chains, employee well-being and social welfare, and minimisation of environmental effects.

The company implements practices that are sustainable in terms of nature, people and economy, observes statutory requirements and its customers’ guidelines and values, and is committed to sustainable development.

The objective of sustainable development is to ensure responsible production and the observance of the principles of sustainable development in all operations, allowing the company to secure a more sustainable future for both current and future generations.

DNV Quality System Certification

Whistleblowing channel

Tapojärvi has an ethical whistleblowing channel that allows employees, subcontractors and other stakeholders to report incidents that do not conform with Tapojärvi’s values and principles. The channel is a service administered by an external and independent service provider. All reports are processed transparently, confidentially and, if necessary, anonymously. Every well-founded report is processed with no consequences to the reporter.