We take responsibility for the whole value chain

In Tapojärvi’s operations, responsibility work covers the entire value chain: safe working conditions, responsible supply chains, employee and societal well-being, stakeholder engagement and minimizing environmental impacts.

Responsibility principles

Commitment to responsibility is a key aspect of Tapojärvi’s day-to-day operations. We adhere to operating principles that are sustainable for nature, people, and the economy.

In our responsibility efforts, we comply with legislative requirements, customers’ instructions and values, and sustainable development.

Our responsibility efforts are guided by Tapojärvi’s strategy and values, laws and regulations in our business countries, and recommendations. Our practical work is also guided by human rights principles, anti-corruption policy, personnel policy, and environmental policy.

Tapojärvi maintains high ethical standards in its operations and complies with the laws and regulations in force in its business countries and internationally. In our operations, we seek to exceed the minimum requirements set by laws, regulations, or practices.

Responsibility efforts cover the entire value chain of Tapojärvi’s operations: safe working conditions, responsible supply chains, the well-being of employees and society, and minimization of environmental impacts.


Ethical guidelines (Code of Conduct)

Tapojärvi operates ethically, in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. Tapojärvi respects human dignity, takes care of occupational safety, and values the purity of nature by minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment. Tapojärvi does not tolerate the grey economy or corruption and ensures the accountability of subcontractors and suppliers.


Reporting channel (Whistleblowing)

Tapojärvi has an ethical reporting channel in use so that employees, subcontractors and other stakeholders can reliably report any instances of behavior that may have contravened the Code of Conduct. The channel is operated by an external and independent service provider, so that reports can be made transparently, reliably and, if desired, anonymously. There are no sanctions for disclosures, and all relevant reports will be investigated impartially.