Safety work is in the heart of everyday operations

Tapojärvi is committed to improving its safety culture and preventing accidents and promoting occupational health systematically. The constant development of the safety culture and the long-term goal of having zero accidents are the key focus areas of our safety work.

Safety is based on good training, systematic prevention of risks and compliance with instructions. Employees have been instructed to pause and think before acting and to anticipate potential risks in their daily work.

Preventive safety actions include the use of the work card model on a daily basis, work community meetings, safety walks, and safety observations.

Employees make observations of incidents that could have led to an accident, hazardous situation, decline in health or negative impact on the environment. Employees are also encouraged to make positive observations.

In close cooperation with our customers, we monitor occupational safety and intervene in issues on a daily basis. All accidents and hazardous situations are investigated and their root causes are analysed.

The number and impact of HSEQ observations are monitored daily.

At Tapojärvi, every employee has the right and responsibility to ensure their own and other people’s safety.