Good work results in good reputation

Tapojärvi believes in operational transparency and its goal is top quality. We highly value nature and are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. We work as one team and rely on the expertise and knowledge of our personnel. Tapojärvi trains its employees and encourages them to learn new skills.

Tapojärvi is a partner that provides a secure service, is constantly developing its operations and focuses on what is essential. The company works in close cooperation with its customers and employees to generate growth and promote well-being. Tapojärvi commits to the values of its customers.

  • Carefully-planned, predictable and safe operations.
  • Perfect and timely performance.
  • Tapojärvi keeps its promises.
  • Innovativeness is a cornerstone of efficiency.


Customer satisfaction survey 2021

Strengths and competitive advantages of Tapojärvi:

  • Expertise and skilled personnel
  • Quick reactions and ability to solve problems
  • Desire to develop and innovativeness to find cost-efficient solutions
  • Commitment to safety
  • Wide range of services


Development areas:

  • Development of the process and the customer’s business operations
  • Problems should be brought up more actively, even if it would only benefit the customer
  • Taking into account the life cycle of the whole product and the customer’s needs
  • Closer cooperation, dialogue, setting of goals, and reporting