Responsible and safe services

Tapojärvi is one of the largest mining service producers in its sector in Finland. Tapojärvi has operated in Sweden since 2017.

Our mining services include a wide range of underground and open-pit mining services. Tapojärvi has entered several long-term service contracts, the objective of which is to constantly improve our operations. Safety, quality, profitability, and employee satisfaction are key performance indicators at Tapojärvi.

Tapojärvi is committed to promoting sustainable mining and improving safety culture in its field. Our services also enable customers to promote responsible and safe mining. Tapojärvi is an innovative company that is constantly developing new solutions to minimise the negative effects of mining. This also makes us stand out from our competitors.

Tapojärvi’s mining technology development projects:

  • Cover structures in surrounding rock areas
  • Mine filling
  • Treatment and stabilisation of mine water
  • Dust control solutions
  • Urban mining
  • Mining safety solutions

We are here for the customer

We have produced mining services since 1972.

Currently, we are operating at several mines as an integral part of production. We carry out continuous research and development to improve the mining industry and the industrial sector.

We have applied for a permit to open a Finnish iron and copper-gold mine in Kolari.

We strive to operate near the customer and provide them with customised services. Our objective is to be a partner with whom our customers want to work in the long term to ensure the prosperity of the region and the company.

Customer stories

“A strong performer and true to their word. Follows the agreement. Stands out from other operators by helping the customer develop their operations and taking into account the special characteristics and infrastructure of the mining industry.” Agnico Eagle

“Keeps its promises. A firm service provider that reacts quickly to changing conditions. Everything runs smoothly and Tapojärvi produces us additional value.” SSAB

”Lösningsbenägen samarbetspartner, bra lösa problem. Fokus på säkerhet, bra med flexibilitet. Bästa samarbetspartner; An innovative partner that provides great solutions. Focuses on safety and is very flexible. Our best partner.” LKAB

“A proactive company. Highly motivated expert personnel you can rely on.” Boliden

“A hungry and growing operator in the field. Tapojärvi knows what it’s doing and is innovative. A company with fresh ideas and original solutions for the earth-moving and mining industry. Produces additional value for itself and its customers.”  Yara

“Experienced in underground mining operations. That is their number one strength. Straightforward operations overall. Excellent at seamless mining operations.” Sotkamo Silver

“Constantly innovating new solutions and invests in development. Uses renewable energy. That is the future. That is good.” Terrafame

(The quotes have been taken from the customer satisfaction survey of 2021. The quotes combine comments from multiple respondents.)

Meaningful work with the development of mining technology and circular economy at its core.



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  • Agnico Eagle Finland, Kittilä 2008-2017, 2021-
  • Boliden Kevitsa, Sodankylä 2020-
  • Sotkamo Silver 2018-2022
  • Yara, Siilinjärvi 2020-
  • Boliden Kylylahti 2011-2020
  • Endomines, Pampalo 2013-2017
  • Lapland Gold Miners, Pahtavaara 2009-2011
  • Rautaruukki (nyk. SSAB), Kolari 1973-1992



  • LKAB, Malmberg, Gällivare 2017, 2020-