We take industrial-scale environmental actions

Tapojärvi operates as part of an industrial-scale circular economy that is constantly processing industrial by-products and innovating new solutions for the mining industry. Tapojärvi processes 47.9 million tonnes of mine and mill material every year. Some of the processed material consists of industrial by-products. Through processing and recycling, Tapojärvi gives a new life to already used materials and resources.

The productisation of industrial by-products and utilisation of recovered materials help replace products and applications made from virgin materials and reduce the amount of materials destined for disposal. By separating and recovering metals, for example, we can conserve resources. No landfill waste is generated and the need to produce rock material from virgin resources is reduced significantly.

The benefits of the circular economy services provided by Tapojärvi are directly reflected in environmental effects, employee well-being, safety, and economy.

Our company was recognised as the world’s best slag treatment company in Australia in 2010, and in 2019, we received an international award for technological innovation in slag processing.

We also provide global consulting services.

Circular economy and mill services: 

  • Processing productisation of industrial by-products
  • Production of fireproof recycled pulp
  • Processing of materials as part of industrial processes
    • Loading
    • Transportation
    • Crushing
    • Screening
    • Flame cutting
  • Transportation of liquid slag
  • Freezing of slag
  • Management and maintenance of slag dams

From innovation to business

Tapojärvi has a sales and development unit that creates new solutions for sustainable business in the industrial sector. Tapojärvi is focused on developing solutions for the industrial sector because it has the greatest needs and volumes for the development of circular economy.

The sales and development team is comprised of internationally recognised experts and experienced changemakers. Our top experts excel at identifying the customer’s needs, solving their problems and developing new commercial products or services.

Tapojärvi utilises solutions developed by the team in its business operations. Our sales and development activities support the development of the company’s existing products and services and enable the creation of new products and services.

We are here for the customer

Tapojärvi works at several mill sites operating as part of the customers’ production process. We have decades of experience in various mill, industrial and transport services. We are constantly developing our expertise in cooperation with our customers. Our operations ensure efficient and safe mill services for our customers.

Customer stories

“Keeps its promises. A firm service provider that reacts quickly to changing conditions. Everything runs smoothly and Tapojärvi produces us additional value.” SSAB

“An open-minded partner with a practical approach to everything, helping us find solutions to our problems. Listens to our needs and wishes. Suggests improvements to our operations and helps us achieve our goals. We have been very happy with our cooperation.” Acciai Speciali Terni

“Stands out from competitors thanks to expertise in many fields. Tapojärvi is a good service provider. Their bold way of addressing problems is also one of their strengths. They strive to raise awareness of competitive and cost-effective solutions.” Outokumpu

(The quotes have been taken from the customer satisfaction survey of 2021. The quotes combine comments from multiple respondents.)

Tapojärvi’s circular economy development projects: 

  • Development, manufacture and sales of slag products
  • Productisation of green liquor dregs
  • Geofix – repairing material based on recovered materials
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint in the industrial sector
  • Recovery centre for waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Eco Innovation Research Center




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