Our three technology trends are electrification, emission reduction and remote management and control

Tapojärvi’s modern, productive and cost-effective mobile equipment arsenal consists of more than 450 pieces of equipment. We always use equipment that best meets the customer’s needs. We have machinery for various applications, including transportation, loading and material processing. Tapojärvi has been using remote-controlled loading machines for over fifteen years and we strongly believe in remote operation.

Tapojärvi aims to improve safety and boost production by implementing digital and automated solutions. Equipment can be operated from a control room with cameras.

We use sensor technology and machine intelligence in maintenance and life cycle planning, for example.

Technological developments are made by, for example, analysing machines and equipment. Production data is utilised in the development of mining and mill service operations. We also provide our customers and suppliers with production data to support their own development work. Modern technology allows us to build a vast data bank for the purposes of production development.

Technological development increases production security and productivity, diversifies work descriptions and reduces the industrial sector’s impact on the environment.

Tapojärvi has its own maintenance organisation that operates near the production unit at every work site. Our central repair shop is located in Keminmaa, Finland.

“Good equipment and machines allow for more comfortable, clean and ergonomic working conditions.” Juhani Ruokamo, Technical Manager

Tapojärvi’s affiliated company Recurso Oy is a fleet management company that works in close cooperation with Tapojärvi. It buys, sells and rents machines for the use of Tapojärvi and its subsidiaries.

Procurement and maintenance

  • Volume of mobile equipment: over 450
  • Own maintenance team
  • One central workshop
  • Maintenance unit at every production site