Published: June 30, 2023

Tapojärvi is a Finnish family business known as a forerunner in the circular economy and a mining and mill services provider. For decades, Tapojärvi has operated as an integral part of production in various mines in Sweden and Finland.

Tapojärvi’s work during the last few years includes operations at LKAB’s Malmberget mine in Gällivare. The company’s CEO, Mari Pilventö, understands the importance of considering all aspects of sustainability when providing mining services.

“We conduct our work safely and invest in the well-being of our employees. Our supply chains are sustainable. We do not tolerate corruption. We minimise our environmental impacts. Our tax policy is responsible, and we always consider our stakeholders,” Pilventö emphasises.

In Finland and Sweden, there have been mining activities in various locations for hundreds of years.  Tapojärvi has operated in the industry since 1972. 

Tapojärvi bears social, environmental and financial responsibility in line with the company’s values and principles. The objective of sustainable development is to ensure responsible production and the observance of the principles of sustainable development in all operations, allowing the company to secure a more sustainable future for both current and future generations.

Commitment to sustainability is integral in the company’s daily operations.

Tapojärvi’s operations have significant impacts, especially on its employees, the growth and development of its customers, and the environment. That is why a strong safety culture and the principles of sustainability guide its operations.

“We are continuously developing our operations and strive for constant improvement. We are using our expertise in technology, environmental issues and well-being to develop the operations of active mines and repurpose mines that have ceased operations. Responsibility for safety, quality and the environment makes our work meaningful — both now and in the future,” Pilventö says.

“Safety is at the heart of everyday operations.”  Martti Kaikkonen, Chief Operations Officer, Tapojärvi

Tapojärvi’s sustainability priorities

At Tapojärvi, the principles of responsibility and sustainability apply to the entire value chain: safe working conditions, sustainable supply chains, employee well-being and social welfare, and minimisation of environmental effects.

The company implements practices that are sustainable in terms of nature, people and the economy, observes statutory requirements and its customers’ guidelines and values, and is committed to sustainable development.

Tapojärvi’s mining technology development projects:

  • Cover structures waste-rock areas
  • Treatment and stabilisation of mine water
  • Dust control solutions
  • Mine filling
  • Urban mining
  • Mining safety solutions