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Tapojärvi is focused on developing the circular economy and mining technology

Different industries, including the mining industry, play a vital role in producing technology that slows down climate change.  Industrial raw materials are needed for electric cars, new climate and energy solutions and digitalisation. Some materials can be recovered through recycling, but that alone is not enough to meet the demand for metals, which has increased, […]

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The year 2022 highlights gathered in one magazine

Tapojärvi Group comprises seven companies, including Tapojärvi Oy, Tapojärvi Italia S.r.l., Tapojärvi Sverige Ab, and Hannukainen Mining Oy. This report presents key information about the group companies. – While reading last year’s summary, I felt that the streak of unusual years is never-ending. The year 2022 began with the prolonged impact of COVID-19 and the […]

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Artificial intelligence in the mining industry

The mining industry is the foundation of modern society, and the standards of Finnish mining operations are among the highest in the world. The Finnish mining industry has developed rapidly in the last decades. A fourth industrial revolution is taking place in the industry. It means the increase of robotics and digitalisation and the utilisation […]

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Tapojärvi is a globally recognised promoter of the industrial circular economy

Founded in 1955 and based in Finland, Tapojärvi is a multinational company operating in Finland, Sweden and Italy. Tapojärvi specialises in industrial circular economy services and mining operations. Only a few decades ago, Tapojärvi offered industrial and mining services in the traditional manner as a contractor. However, we noticed that valuable raw materials were lost […]

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Tapojärvi is popular among job seekers: over 700 applicants in 2022

Tapojärvi is seen as an attractive employer in the industry’s job market. In 2022, over 700 people applied for a job at Tapojärvi. The company received a total of 772 applications. Some applicants applied for more than one job at the same time.“We have received a good number of job applications in recent years even […]

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EU funding for developing a prototype of Geowagon

Tapojärvi and its associated company ECOnsulting have developed a durable, fast-setting patching material for pothole patching. Geofix can be used to improve road safety and reduce tyre and rim damages. It also makes road maintenance more cost-efficient and reduces the carbon footprint of pothole patching.   The inorganic geopolymer material doesn’t contain oil-based raw materials, which […]

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Tapojärvi made history in Italy: End-of-waste status for the use of slag from stainless steel production

Tapojärvi, a specialist in industrial circular economy, is developing new uses for industrial by-products and wTapojärvi, a specialist in industrial circular economy, is developing new uses for industrial by-products and waste in Europe. Three years ago, the company expanded its operations to Italy when the steel mill Acciai Speciali Terni (AST) and Tapojärvi signed a […]