Tapojärvi aims to be the leading industrial circular economy company in the world by 2035

Tapojärvi is specialised in mining and mill services as well as circular economy solutions. Tapojärvi operates as part of an industrial-scale circular economy that is constantly processing industrial by-products and innovating new solutions for the mining industry.

The mill and mining services of this nearly 70-year-old Finnish family business reduce the climatic load and save virgin natural resources. Tapojärvi produces sustainable products and services. Sustainability and safety are in the heart of Tapojärvi’s operations.

Tapojärvi consists of a total of seven companies. The following are group companies: Tapojärvi Oy, Tapojärvi Italia S.r.l, Tapojärvi Sverige Ab and Hannukainen Mining Oy. Tapojärven Kiinteistöt Oy is an affiliated company that builds and manages real property.  Recurso Oy is a fleet management company that works in close cooperation with Tapojärvi Oy. It buys, sells and rents machines for the use of Tapojärvi Oy and its subsidiaries.

With solid financial and material resources, the company strives to maintain profitable business activities in the long term.

Tapojärvi is a family business in its third generation. The company is built upon the values enforced by Esko and Orvokki Tapojärvi. Tapojärvi follows these values in its everyday operations.


New solutions for a sustainable life


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