Tapojärvi Oy

Founded in 1955, Tapojärvi is a Finnish family business specialised in mining and mill services as well as industrial circular economy solutions.

Tapojärvi operates as part of an industrial-scale circular economy that is constantly processing industrial by-products and innovating new solutions for the mining industry.

The mill and mining services reduce the climatic load and save virgin natural resources. Sustainability and safety are in the heart of Tapojärvi’s operations.

Tapojärvi Oy is one of the largest employers in Northern Finland. Tapojärvi Oy has over 650 employees.

Founded in: 1955
Tapojärvi Oy is the parent company of the Tapojärvi Group
CEO: Mari Pilventö (acting)
Sector: Mining services, industrial circular economy, research and development
Employees: <700

Contact details:
Mari Pilventö
firstname.lastname @tapojarvi.com

Tapojärvi Sverige Ab

Established in 2014, Tapojärvi Sverige AB is a company offering mines in Sweden its extensive expertise. Operations are always tailored to the customer’s needs.

Tapojärvi’s reliability and long history in the mining industry are great benefits that are also appreciated in our neighbouring country. Extensive and modern equipment as well as skilled personnel are our key assets.

Tapojärvi Sverige Ab operates at the Malmberget mine of LKAB and has 56 employees.

The company bears social, environmental and financial responsibility in line with the parent company’s values and principles.

Founded in: 2014
Subsidiary of Tapojärvi Oy
CEO: Mari Pilventö
Sector: Mining services, research and development
Employees: <100

Contact details:
Mari Pilventö
info @tapojarvi.se,
firstname.lastname @tapojarvi.com

Tapojarvi Italia S.r.l

Tapojärvi Italia S.r.l was established in 2018 and it specialises in processing materials used in the steel industry. The company productises industrial by-products and develops new business around materials at its modern slag treatment unit. The slag treatment process developed by Tapojärvi recovers metal from slag and creates new products from the recovered material. The company sells slug products for the purpose of building roads, concrete or asphalt and other calcium-based products, for example. The processed materials are placed on the market after the CE certification process.

Tapojärvi products have received the End of Waste status. The company has run multiple chemical tests and physico-mechanical tests on its slag-based materials. To get the EOW acknowledgement, the production cycle and related processes must be carefully designed and defined. The results have been in line with all the requirements set out by environmental legislation.

Slag processed by Tapojärvi has the properties of materials like sand or gravel and other more fine-grained materials, such as fillers.

There are many benefits to this process, with the most important ones being

  • the reduction of waste sent for landfilling
  • the reduction of negative environmental effects caused by the utilisation of natural resources and mining of raw materials (reduction of carbon dioxide and soil detrition)
  • the improvement of environmental sustainability

The process developed by Tapojärvi saves natural resources as the need to process virgin raw materials into aggregates is significantly reduced. Customers achieve real cost savings through the efficient use of materials as valuable raw materials are returned into production.

The company sees numerous opportunities to replicate the process being developed in Italy and expand its industrial circular economy services from Acciai Speciali Terni to other locations in Italy and Europe.

Founded in: 2018
Subsidiary of Tapojärvi Oy
CEO: Martti Kaikkonen
Sector: Mill services, circular economy, research and development
Employees: <100

Contact details:
Martti Kaikkonen
firstname.lastname @tapojarvi.com

Hannukainen Mining Oy

Hannukainen Mining was set up in 2015 to make use of the ore reserves of the Hannukainen ore deposit located in the municipality of Kolari, Finland. Mining operations are to be carried out mainly in areas that have already been previously mined by other mining companies.

The company wants to reopen the mine to utilise domestic natural resources in a sustainable manner and support our country’s industrial self-sufficiency: iron, gold and copper are essential building materials of modern society.

The aim of this project is to create permanent, full-time jobs and diversify the livelihood services in Lapland for, at least, the next twenty years.

Hannukainen Mining wants to create sustainable well-being in Lapland. When planning its mining operations, the company takes into account local needs and values, including employment, tourism, operational opportunities for other livelihoods and the environment. It is important for the company to operate locally, primarily using services and labour from Kolari.

Founded in: 2015
Subsidiary of Tapojärvi Oy
Employees: 7
CEO: Mari Pilventö
Project Manager: Jaana Koivumaa

Contact details:
info @hannukainenmining.fi
+358 44 7044669