Published: February 22, 2023

Tapojärvi, a Finnish family business founded almost 70 years ago, provides sustainable products and services.  Tapojärvi specialises in mining and mill services and circular economy solutions. Mill and mining services reduce the burden put on the climate and save virgin natural resources. Sustainability and safety are at the heart of Tapojärvi’s operations.

“Tapojärvi operates as part of an industrial-scale circular economy that is continuously processing industrial by-products and innovating new solutions for the mining industry,” says Mari Pilventö, acting CEO of Tapojärvi.

Tapojärvi currently operates in six mines and three steel mills in Finland, Sweden and Italy. In Finland, Tapojärvi produces mining services at Outokumpu’s Kemi mine, Kevitsa’s Sodankylä mine, Agnico Eagle’s Kittilä mine and Yara’s Siilinjärvi mine. In the spring of 2020, a multi-year contract with LKAB was also launched at the Melberget mine in Sweden.  

The company also operates at the steel mill in Raahe, Tornio, and the Acciai Speciali Terni mill in Italy. The company has ferrochrome and stainless steel concentrator plants in Tornio and a slag treatment plant in Italy. Tapojärvi also has various ongoing collaborative projects focusing on new technology and business solutions for the needs of different industries.

New solutions for a sustainable life

Tapojärvi’s operations have significant impacts, especially on its employees, the growth and development of its customers, and the environment. That is why a strong safety culture and the principles of sustainability guide its operations.

“We are continuously developing our operations and strive for constant improvement. We are using our expertise in technology, environmental issues and well-being to develop the operations of active mines and repurpose mines that have ceased operations. Responsibility for safety, quality and the environment makes our work meaningful — both now and in the future,” Pilventö says.

Employees think Tapojärvi is a good employer. According to an employee satisfaction survey, employees value a good work-life balance, competent colleagues and having a good team spirit at the workplace. Regarding office work, positive feedback was also received for the hybrid work model, which enables working remotely.

According to customer satisfaction surveys, customers value Tapojärvi’s expertise and the company’s ability to respond and solve problems quickly. The company’s commitment to safety and a desire to develop innovative and cost-efficient solutions are also considered important.

Tapojärvi is a family business in its third generation. The company is built upon the values enforced by Esko and Orvokki Tapojärvi. Tapojärvi follows these values in its everyday operations.