Published: May 3, 2023

Tapojärvi is seen as an attractive employer in the industry’s job market. In 2022, over 700 people applied for a job at Tapojärvi. The company received a total of 772 applications. Some applicants applied for more than one job at the same time.
“We have received a good number of job applications in recent years even though there is talk about a labour shortage. Currently, we have summer jobs available at Siilinjärvi,” says Janne Alatalo, Tapojärvi’s Chief Administrative Officer.
Operations in mining and industrial processes offer a wide range of work opportunities for a variety of professionals. We currently have jobs available for rock truck drivers and heavy equipment installers.
“Tapojärvi is seen as a good employer. Our work situation is also good, which has most likely increased the number of applicants,” Alatalo says.

A workplace where you can be yourself
In the spring of 2022, Tapojärvi conducted an employee satisfaction survey. According to the survey results, employees valued a good work-life balance and felt that they had achieved that. For instance, the various shift systems in place were considered to function well. Regarding office work, positive feedback was also received for the hybrid work model, which enables working remotely.

In his survey response, Henri Pohjanen, an employee from Tornio, says: “I enjoy working at Tapojärvi. The employees are appreciated and given responsibility.”

According to the employee satisfaction survey, employees think the company has a good team spirit and find this important. Appreciating the professionalism and expertise of co-workers was also brought up in the survey results.

“The employees also appreciated the work environment where everyone can be themselves. It’s important to have a fully-functioning organisation that takes care of its employees. Tapojärvi’s reputation is based on how we conduct our work,” says Mari Pilventö, Tapojärvi’s acting CEO.

Focus on safety, quality and cost-effectiveness
Since 2018, Tapojärvi Group’s number of employees has nearly doubled. The growth has been boosted by new international service contracts in Italy, Sweden and Finland.
“The growth is based on our customers’ need to buy high-quality services to support their production in a safe and cost-effective manner. As a service provider, we must be flexible, responding quickly and offering solutions for changing production situations. When we keep things clear and simple and take care of these in our everyday operations, there’s no obstacle for growth,” says Martti Kaikkonen, Tapojärvi’s Chief Operations Officer.
Tapojärvi specialises in mining and mill services and circular economy solutions. Tapojärvi consists of a total of seven companies, with the following belonging to Tapojärvi Group: Tapojärvi Oy, Tapojärvi Italia S.r.l, Tapojärvi Sverige Ab and Hannukainen Mining Oy.
Tapojärvi currently has 770 employees, of which 75 % work for Tapojärvi Oy. The average age of employees is 38 years. Nearly 90 % of the staff are working under a permanent contract.