Published: January 15, 2020

Tapojärvi Oy ja Yara have signed a long-term contract to provide mining services at the Siilinjärvi mine. The actual contract will come into effect in 2022 following a preparation period, which is going to take two years. The mining services (e.g. drillings, loadings and transportations in the mining area) are included in the contract.

In the new operating model, based on strategic alliance, the owner of the Yara mine and Tapojärvi, responsible for the mining services, will advance, plan and run the daily operations in close collaboration. The core of the operations consists of permanent development and the utilization of both operators’ know-how.

– We are extremely happy about this partnership and we will start preparations immediately. The long contract enables versatile development of mining operations. Safety, quality, profitability and the well-being of the area will play a fundamental role in developing the operations, says Martti Kaikkonen, the COO of Tapojärvi.

More and more digital solutions are being developed for the mining industry and these solutions make sustainable working possible. For example, teleoperation and vehicular automation reduce the risk of accidents essentially.

– In the new model we will be able to combine the experience and expertise of two competent organizations in order to achieve our goals, says Antti Savolainen, the head of Yara Siilinjärvi mine.

Tapojärvi Oy is a specialist in mining and mill services. The company has been providing safe, high-quality and profitable mining services for decades. Tapojärvi operates currently at several mines as an integral part of the production. The company is constantly developing and conducting research to advance the mining and industrial branch. Tapojärvi has 500 employees.

Yara is a global provider of fertilizers, industrial chemicals and environmental solutions. The company has three production facilities in Finland: Uusikaupunki, Kokkola and Siilinjärvi, where the western Europe’s only phosphate mine is located. There are 900 employees in Finland and the employment impact is over 4500 man-years. Yara has invested approximately one billion euros in Finland.

The main products of Yara Siilinjärvi are fertilizers and phosphoric acid. The mine produces the cleanest phosphate in the world, from which the phosphor is separated to be used as the raw material for fertilizers. The fertilizers produced at the site are mainly used in crop farming and forest fertilization. Yara in a significant employer in Kuopio area and the biggest industrial employer in Siilinjärvi. The number of contractors included, there are 750 people daily working at Siilinjärvi site and the employment impact is over 2500 man-years.