Published: December 7, 2018

Tapojärvi will start treating the slag of Acciai Speciali Terni, a subsidiary owned by the German listed company and steel giant ThyssenKrupp, in Italy. The contract was signed in Terni, Italy on 4 December 2018.

According to the contract, Tapojärvi Italia S.r.l will build a slag treatment plant in Terni and then start manufacturing and developing slag-based products for sale.

The contract includes a two-year construction period, a ten-year operational period and a ten-year option.

The contract’s aim is for Terni to play a key role in the processing of industrial by-products.

“We have innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the challenges of steel mills around the world. We productise industry by-products and are constantly developing new business around materials“ Tapojärvi Oy’s acting CEO Mari Pilventö says.

The Acciai Speciali Terni factory is located 130 kilometres from Rome.

Tapojärvi Oy is a company specialising in mining industry services and industrial processes, as well as the treatment of materials. The company has two unique valorisation plants in Tornio, in which by-products of ferrochrome and refined steel slag are productised into their own CE-marked products.

Tapojärvi has more than 400 employees and around 150 people are employed by subcontractors.