Published: March 11, 2022

“Our good team spirit influences straight to work. The week on week off -shift system is good. It makes a good balance to work-life.”

“When you can be yourself, you achieve better results. All kinds of personalities are valued here.”

 “Tapojärvi is a growing company with plenty of work. The diverse skills of our employees are a strength and everyone’s skills are used wisely.”

These are the comments from the employees of Tapojärvi on the open questions of the employee satisfaction survey conducted in the end of the year.

The employee satisfaction survey was used to identify the employees’ most important issues on the job and to monitor their implementation at Tapojärvi. A total of 396 employees (61% of staff) responded to the survey.

– Each employee chose five of the most important claims related to what is a good job, for which each respondent provided their assessment and openly written feedback. In this way, we found out what matters are most relevant to our staff, how successfully we manage them, and what we could do even better to make these things succeed in our company as far as possible”, says Janne Alatalo, Administrative Director at Tapojärvi.

According to the employee survey, the employees of Tapojärvi felt the most relevant and well-implement matter is the balance between work and leisure time. Among other things, the various shift systems were considered to be well functioning. The hyprid working model, which allows staff to work remotely, was also commended.

– It is important for us to work as one team, trusting one another and valuing the skills we all have. The survey confirmed that the collective spirit of the workplace is seen as important and well-functioning. The recognition of the skills and competences of employees was also brought up. Cooperation with professionals in different sectors is perceived as a richness and their own expertise is an opportunity to utilise and develop on a daily basis. A working environment where everyone can be themselves was also highly valued.

It’s great working at Tapojärvi!

The employee survey also asked for a willingness to recommend the company as an employer. Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an international index to measure employee loyalty. According to the answer scale range, the result can be anything but between -100 and +100. As a general rule, a positive result can be always be interpreted as being positive. 

– In Italy (39) and Sweden (30) the result was ‘excellent’ and in Finland ‘good’ (19). It has been wonderful to see this in practice as well. Many new employees who apply for a job from us tell us that they already have a lot acquaintances working for Tapojärvi and have only heard good things about Tapojärvi as an employer, Alatalo reveals.