Published: October 16, 2019

Tapojärvi Oy and Hannukainen Mining signed a three-year cooperation agreement with Kolarin Kontio.

Supporting sports activities for children and young persons has been an integral part of Tapojärvi Oy’s strategy. Thus, Hannukainen Mining Oy has also supported the club’s juniors in previous years. The number of Kolarin Kontio juniors has grown from last year to more than 180 members. The total amount of support from Tapojärvi and Hannukainen Mining per junior player increased.

“A good basic fitness level is really important in mining work. You should learn how to maintain it already as a child. That is why we support the activities of various sports clubs every year”, says Tapojärvi Oy’s Business Controller Tuomas Tapojärvi.

Tapojärvi Oy, which now joined the agreement, is the parent company of Hannukainen Mining Oy whose owners are originally from Kolari. Tuomas Tapojärvi is already a familiar face to many of the club’s board members, as he has also played for the club.

“It came as a surprise to me that Tapojärvi Oy has grown to be so extensive and influential over the years“, says Kolarin Kontio’s chairman Jarmo Pudas.

“It is great that we are supported by a healthy and financially sound company that is also coming to carry out a new domestic mining project.”

The well-being of Lapland is important

It is important for both Hannukainen Mining and Tapojärvi to take part in supporting the vitality of the localities where they operate. With the companies, Lapland is constantly gaining new jobs and tax revenues.

“Our company has operated in the industry for almost 65 years. Kolari has had mining operations since the 17th century. As mining operations evolve, emissions and other drawbacks have been reduced to a fraction of what they were, for example, thirty years ago”, Tuomas Tapojärvi mentions.

“Nowadays, the by-products of a mine can also be used and they no longer burden the environment like before”, Tapojärvi summarises.

Today, Tapojärvi is an international company with mining and plant operations in three countries. The company currently employs 500 people.