With us attitude is most important, everything else you can learn

Tapojärvi Oy is a workplace for professionals in the field and attracts the best skilled people, ensuring the commitment of the personnel and enabling constant improvement of expertise. We value an active and motivated attitude.

Diverse operation in mining and industry processes offers work tasks for professionals in several fields. Engineers of different fields work among product development. In addition, we employ drivers, quarrying and processing professionals as well as professional mechanics specialized in heavy equipment.
Job descriptions for clerical workers vary from supervisors to different specialist and development duties.

We value all skills. With us attitude is everything, wanting to learn is an extra. Though you do not have an education, but you have worked with machines, please leave an open application. We value an active attitude and work is done as one team. We trust in our personnel's versatile know-how and professional skills. We encourage to learn new, we educate and we invest in improving expertise.