Tapojärvi employed 80 people in 2017

Fri 23 Mar 2018 09:50:00 AM EET

In 2017, a total of 475 people applied for a job in Tapojärvi Oy. 80 of them were employed. Workers were employed in mining, industry processes, material handling as well as different specialist jobs within circular economy.
According to Ministry of economic affairs and employment, 2018 will be a brighter year for the mining industry. World economy is still increasing and the prices of raw material have stabilized. Investments of mining companies secure the operation of mines for years ahead and the investment decisions made reflect on the mining field of operation with an increase in the revenue.

According to the Ministry of economic affairs and employment, a shortage of more educated workforce could hinder the growth in the mining field of operation.
- For now we have been able to attract good experts and we are committed to train our personnel, says HR generalist Liisa Tuorila.

On the video Liisa Tuorila and Project Manager Tuomas Pussila tell about the work community in Tapojärvi.
Watch the video here.