Boliden, Kylylahti mine

Boliden is a Swedish company specialized in prospecting for ore, mining production, smeltery operation and reuse of metals.
Main products of Boliden are zinc and copper. In addition it produces gold, silver, lead and nickel. Boliden has a mine around 800 meters deep in Kylylahti, Polvijärvi. 140 people are working at the mine.
In 2017, the plant in Luikonlahti dressed 809 000 tons of ore to copper, gold, zinc and nickel cobalt.
Tapojärvi Oy has been contracting as a solid part of Boliden Kylylahti mine’s production since 2011.

Our services in Kylylahti:

  • Underground loading and transportation of ore and gangue
  • Loading, transportation and scaling of drifts
  • Filling of quarries and old tunnels
  • Maintenance of underground roads
  • Boulder hammering