Outokumpu, Tornio steelworks and Kemi mine

Outokumpu is the global leader in stainless steel. Outokumpu produces stainless steel in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, the United States and Mexico.
Outokumpu employs around 10000 professionals in over 30 countries, of which around 2400 are in Finland. Outokumpu has a stainless steel mill in Tornio and a chrome mine in Elijärvi, Kemi.

Outokumpu has been Tapojärvi Oy’s customer since 1985 in Kemi mine and since 1988 at Tornio steelworks. Since then, we have developed our services according to the customer’s hopes and needs.

Services in Tornio steelworks:

  • Stainless steel slag handling and valorization
  • Ferrochrome slag handling and valorization
  • Recycling unit for making refractory products
    • Crushing and grinding of refractory bricks
    • Producing of refractory mass and cross
  • Crushing and screening units
  • Mobile screening units
  • Transportation and loading of Okto-products
  • Transportation recycled steel and bulk from ships

Services in Kemi mine:

  • Underground loading and transportation of ore and gangue
  • Loading, transportation and scaling of drifts
  • Filling of quarries and old tunnels
  • Maintenance of underground roads
  • Equipping
  • Overall mining services