SSAB Raahe

SSAB factory in Raahe produces so called standard, premium and special steels. Main products are hot-rolled plates and coil products. The plant has a coking plant, two blast furnaces, steel melting shop, power plant and hot-rolling plant. The area also has processing of raw and other material as well as cargo port. Around 2400 people regularly work at the factory.

Tapojärvi has worked as a subcontractor of Rautaruukki since 1973. Co-operation started at Rautuvaara mine in Kolari.
At Raahe steelworks, Tapojärvi has been responsible for different factory services since 1992.

Our services in Raahe are:

  • Processing of recycled steel SSAB Merox
  • Automatic coke scaling and feeding facility
  • Converter charging
  • Material feeding and screening for blast furnace and sinter plants
  • Screening of coke, sinter and limestone
  • Transportation and feeding of bought coke
  • Processing of PCI-coal