Iron and gold miner – a deeply finnish mining company

Hannukainen Mining Oy is a mining company founded in 2015 with honest values and a will to operate without burdening the environment. Tapojärvi Oy founded Hannukainen Mining to exploit the ore reserves in Hannukainen, Kolari. Mining operations of Hannukainen Mining is planned to be executed mostly in areas where there has already been mining operations by other mining companies.

According to research it is possible to quarry iron, copper and gold from Hannukainen. Iron concentrate is almost sulfur free and, according to research, a much better product than the basic quality of the market.

According to the plan quarrying will take place in two open-pit mines, first in the Hannukainen quarry and later also in Kuervitikko quarry which is located approximately two kilometers up north.

It is important for the company to consider nature, local residents and the livelihood possibilities of the area. In the values of Hannukainen Mining Oy the environment and social responsibility goes hand in hand.