One man’s passion grew into a large company

In 1955 Esko Tapojärvi had an idea. He would acquire a car with a strong structure, big wheels, and high ground clearance. The dream was to have a vehicle that could operate in the challenging Northern Finland weather so it could be used to work for the northern Finns.
- At that time there weren’t many transport services available and I saw there could be use for them, Esko tells.
October 27th in 1955 Esko Tapojärvi signed a deal for Pobeda and started Tapojärvi business operation. At first it was about taxi services. Driving was pleasant and the entrepreneurial man signed his first contract of transportation with the Muonio board of education. The contract included the transportation of Kihlanki school’s students.
- I remember when the school burned down and the first transport of the contract was to drive a teacher to the hospital, Esko Tapojärvi recalls.
Despite setbacks, the entrepreneurship continued and expanded. The entrepreneur started to transport milk from the whole western Lapland to Valio in Kaukonen, Kittilä. At best, the transport included two vehicles. In addition, gravel transport to Lapland road in construction started.

Speedy 70’s
In 1966 Esko Tapojärvi moved to Helsinki to transport gravel for Tauno Valo. The gravel vehicles were called ”Hyrylä’s destroyers”. One night in 1972 Esko Tapojärvi received a call where he was asked to stand in for in Rautuvaara mine in Kolari, his hometown. The job was to transport underground blasted rock.
-It was a long fill in as the job duration was 16 years. During that time the amount of machinery and personnel had to be increased and other services for the customer’s needs had to be developed, Tapojärvi recalls the years of growth.

Steady years of getting stronger in the 80’s and 90’s
As the operations expanded, the sole proprietor that Esko owned was changed to Maansiirtoliike Tapojärvi KY (limited partnership) on April 11th 1980. Esko owned the majority of shares and the oldest son Markku joined him as partner. Daughters Jaana and Pirjo were silent partners. One car’s company had grown with restraint into a business of 10-15 machines and so was the change of business entity once again topical. The business entity was changed on 21st of June in 1995 to limited liability company and the next generation stepped in: Veljekset Tapojärvi Oy (owned by Esko’s two sons Markku and Pertti) was embedded into Maansiirtoliike Tapojärvi Oy.

A strong expert of the new millennium, the 21st century
The name of the company was changed on July 7th 2000 to Tapojärvi Oy. The roots of Tapojärvi Oy are still strongly in Lapland as the company is registered in Kolari where its origins are. Nowadays the company is specialized in mining operations, material handling and factory services.
The actual construction of land was dropped in 1990’s when the development of independent factory processes started. Today the work in Tapojärvi Oy is already being done in the third generation.