Without burdening the nature, respecting the environment

We respect nature and care about the environment. While working with mining and industry processes, we have learnt that effective use of material is ecological. Real cost savings can be achieved by effectively using the material. This means returning valuable raw materials, like steel and ferrochrome, back to production.

We valorize steel industry’s byproducts. Our valorized slag aggregates are valuable materials for building roads and other infrastructure. Our process saves natural resources as there will be no waste to dispose and the need to produce aggregates from virgin raw material will decrease significantly.

We have also developed a recycling unit for producing refractory materials. We handle used refractory bricks that have reached the end of their lifetime. We produce refractory mass and cross for industry to reuse.

We constantly develop new possibilities to save natural resources. Without the handling of Tapojärvi Oy, there would be annually several hundred thousand tons of usable material that was to be disposed as waste.